Kiran Kreer is a documentary photographer, explorer and a social activist. Since 2012 he has been on the road documenting lives across Asia, mainly on social issues and natural disasters. 

This journey started when he quit his job/business, sold everything he owned and left Malaysia, his home, to start doing what he loved most, photographing people and travelling. He then went on backpacking across South East Asia, sharing images of people he met, human rights issues and those living in disaster zones. How did this all start? Read about his journey here.

It became a personal journey and soon a social project called Give Them Light during the Philippines Haiyan Typhoon in November 2013, with more stories of those who survived the disaster, where he started raising funds to donate solar lights and other aid to these survivors.

Kiran continues to travel with more photographic projects and documenting lives of those he cross paths with, those who need their stories told and sharing his adventures as a nomad.

Today Kiran Kreer is an international photographer, with support from Europe & USA, publications, media awareness and many who support from around Asia. He have been invited as a guest speaker for TEDx in Malaysia, he is also the face of AXN Asia new #AXNAttitude campaign, Digi Malaysia (Diwali campaign) and in other social awareness campaigns.

Contact me about collaborations, awareness campaigns, publications or sponsorships. For the rest of you, send me a message if you have any questions about travels, photography or anything related to what I do today.

You will get a reply within 24 hours, unless I’m camping on a mountain, in a disaster zone or living among tribes.

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My Inspiration:

“I work alone. Humans are incredible, because when you come alone, they will receive you, they accept you, they protect you, they give you all things that you need, and they teach you all things you must know. When you come with two persons or three persons, you have a group in front of them. They don’t discuss with the new persons what is important to them…” – Sebastião Salgado, Photographer