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‘Give Them Light’ is a photographic project about creating awareness into the lives of those living in poverty. Together with solar lights, we wish to give them something that could help lighten their burden for those families living with no electricity. 

Why Solar Lights? Simple, it's not just an item to be donated to help add some light in homes, it's a gift of hope, it's to pass on a message that people around the world still care and see them as part of the human society. It's clean energy for mother's to feed their babies, children will read, and families will get together. 

Running Project: 1,000 solar lights needed for the Orang Asli villages in Kelantan and Pahang, effected by the East Coast Floods - Malaysia

Every purchase Lights Up A Home effected by East Coast Floods
1,094 Lights
Donated So Far
Campaign Goal
2,000 Lights
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The Story
The ‘Give Them Light’ project is a photographic journey about creating awareness into the lives of families living without basic needs and in poverty.

Via the project you can purchase Nokero Solar Lights which is send to those living without electricity, read and share the lives of those living with no electricity, help us get the solar lights into this locations.


RUNNING PROJECT: 1,000 Solar Lights needed for Orang Asli (tribes) effected by the EAST COAST FLOODS - Malaysia


The East Coast Floods has badly effected and destroyed many homes and livelihood of the Orang Asli villages in the Kelantan & Pahang areas. They are currently living with no electricity, in temporary tents or shelters, with no proper food aid as their locations have been cut off due to the heavy floods. We wish to send 1,000 Nokero solar lights (500 families) into 5 different villages around this areas, please do support this and purchase a solar light for those effected.

An expedition is being organized into this areas. The lights will be ordered in batches and sent into this villages by 4x4 wheel ground transportation or by air, each family will receive 2 solar lights and other help that will be needed. The expedition team consist of the group of friends will also take in food aid, living aid and medical aid. We will need to get this done as soon as possible within the next 20 days. 

For direct bank in please use iMKIRAN Nation (Maybank account) - 514123632561. Each solar light cost is RM48.00. Please State – Give Them Light (EastCoastFloods). Please email bank in slip to admin@imkiran.com, an email receipt will be send for each purchase. 

91/1000 has been donated so far, please do purchase & donate the solar lights for this families. First order will be shipped when we reach 200 lights. 


ACTIVE PROJECT: Tribe Villages in PAHANG, SABAH & SARAWAK - Malaysia


The Semai orang asli (indigenous) people of Cameron Highlands have been living on this hill area in Bertam. The 15 families here are still living with no electricity or no proper source of living since they relocated here. Many more families in parts of Pahang are still living with no electricity. The Dusun, Kimaragang & Rungus tribes in Pitas, Sabah are still living with no electricity and in poverty. We would need about 500 lights (250 families) to start with.

iMKIRAN Nation - Maybank account - 514123632561. Each solar light cost is RM48.00. Please State – Give Them Light – Malaysia. Please email receipt to admin@imkiran.com

240/500 has been donated so far 






"When the super typhoon came in Nov 2013, it destroyed all 190 houses here, it is a miracle the families survived, when I walked around this island on July 14th, it's unbelievable how these children still live with leaking homes when it rains and mostly in the dark."

There is still no power yet and its not expected to be any electricity here for some time. They use generators, kerosene fuel and torchlights here which gives them a single light for about 2-3 hours daily. Families also have to pay for fuel to be used for generators. This effects their daily source of income too. For water, food and school, they have to take a boat to travel to the main land for 1-2 hours daily. 

To donate via EU, USD or other international currencies please go to the GET IT DONE crowdfunding page at http://www.getitdone.org/projects/214

Full story - http://www.imkiran.com/miracle-children-of-baliguian-island/





5/9/14 - 100 Solar Lights donated to Ati Tribe, Mount Tag–Ao, Philippines              19/8/14 – 140 Solar Lights donated to Olotayan, Roxas City, Philippines 



22/3/14 – 96 Solar Lights to Butacal, Capiz, Philippines                                            22/3/14 - 94 Solar Lights to Olotayan, Roxas City, Philippines



YOU ------> PURCHASE ------> WE DONATE  'Nokero Solar Light' --------> FAMILIES LIVING WITH NO ELECTRICITY

This chain reaction can only happen with 'YOU'. The distribution of the Nokero Solar lights will be done with the help of Local Societies, NGOs or Foundations. Read more and Share their stories at the above links and sites. 



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To purchase just click on the BUY NOW button and make payment via online (Paypal/Visa/Mastercard/Bank Transfers). Note: Item price includes cost of custom fees, shipping fees, transportation cost and operation cost for this project. 



Attn: Kiran Kreer

Skype: kiran.kreer
Every purchase Lights Up A Home effected by East Coast Floods
1,094 Lights
Donated So Far
Campaign Goal
2,000 Lights
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