The ‘Give Them Light – Asia’ is a photographic project in creating awareness on human rights issues, children living in poverty and social issues in Asia.Via the project you can also purchase and donate Nokero Solar Lights which is send to those living without electricity.

Kiran Kreer (iMKIRAN) backpacks around Asia and uses images to create awareness about poverty, humanity & social issues. “We wish to give them something that could help lighten their burden of families living with no electricity.”

Why donate solar lights? Simple, it’s not just an item to be donated to help light up homes, it’s a gift of hope, it’s to pass on a message that people around the world still care and it’s a ‘door opener’ for others to notice them to get more help into this areas. Most importantly it’s clean green energy for mother’s to feed their babies, for children to read, fisherman boat lights and also works as an emergency light.

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No more harmful kerosene lamps and fuel. No more candles, but solar lights to light up a home.


Support the ‘Give Them Light’ project



The LIFETIME Project is 10,000 solar lights around Asia. To send solar lights to 5000 families living with no electricity. I’m currently still backpacking, photographing, sharing stories and assisting local villages/tribes.

Each Nokero Solar Light cost US$15.00, you can choose to buy as many lights as you wish for the needy. You will receive an email receipt once amount is received.

If you want me to keep going on with this journey, if you like what you read on my website, then your $5.00 (or any amount) will go a long way to help me continue sending aid to the needy.

Send money via Paypal/Visa/Mastercard

Or bank in directly to my Malaysian account: Maybank (iMKIRAN Nation) – 514123632561, please email your bank in receipt to email:admin@imkiran.com




This chain reaction can only happen with ‘YOU’. When sufficient funds are collected for the total lights needed, we will purchase the Nokero solar lights and get them shipped to the location. With the help of locals and humanitarian partners the lights will be transported to the villages. The project will be photographed, documented and posted on the website.

“You buy a solar light, and we will send it for you to a family in need.”  – Kiran Kreer


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“To find that connection to yourself and the universe is magical. But it will take you to the edge to see what it’s all about. Life then appears like you are seeing it for the very first time.” – iMKIRAN













International Friends Who Help Make A Difference. You guys rock! Big hugs xx