GIVE THEM LIGHT – The Life Project

The ‘Give Them Light’ project is a photographic journey about creating awareness into the lives of children living without basic needs and in poverty. Kiran Kreer (iMKIRAN) travels Asia and uses art to create awareness about spirituality, reality, life matters, social issues & passion. Also to create a connection between societies using arts & photography.

Via the project you can purchase Nokero Solar Lights which is send to those living without electricity, we wish to give them something that could help lighten their burden of families living with no electricity. “Something simple, like a light, can put a smile on a child’s face” – Kiran Kreer

Why Solar Light? Simple, it’s not just an item to be donated to help add some light in homes, it’s a gift of hope, it’s to pass on a message that people around the world still care and see them as part of the human society. It’s clean energy for mother’s to feed their babies, children will read, and families will get together.

No more harmful kerosene lamps and fuel.

Children living in poverty, Kon Tum, Vietnam

Share their stories today, shed some light into the lives of children and community living without basic needs. HashTag #GiveThemLight and tell us what you think.


The Solar Lights project

Help Us Put a Smile on a Child’s Face!

The LIFETIME Project now for 10,080 solar lights. To send solar lights to 5000 families living with no electricity around the world (mainly Asia). I plan to visit villages and tribes in Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam, India, Laos, Cambodia and more.

Each Nokero Solar Light cost $15.00 (RM48.00), you can go to this link to add it into the cart and pay via the online gateways, or you can see the Maybank account details at the bottom of this page too.

To Purchase a Nokero Solar Light for a family – www.imkiran.com/GiveThemLight.html

Why 10,080 lights? To have a realistic goal, each Nokero solar light box comes in 48 lights. With 210 boxes it will be 10,080 lights and for about 5040 families (2 lights per family). It might be 50,000 lights next, only with your support.

LATEST UPDATES – Where the Solar Lights are needed today?

The Miracle Children of Baliguian Island, Panay, Philippines


“When the super typhoon came in Nov 2013, it destroyed all 190 houses here, it is a miracle the families survived, when I walked around this island on July 14th, it’s unbelievable how these children still live with leaking homes when it rains and mostly in the dark.” We need 380 solar lights here for September 2014.

Full story – http://www.imkiran.com/miracle-children-of-baliguian-island/


To READ MORE & DONATE to the ‘Give Them Light’ project via ONLINE – www.imkiran.com/GiveThemLight.html

IMG_1822 Give Them Light Pack – Donate 1 pcs Nokero Solar Light. It has a rechargeable, removable AA battery. LED Current Draw: 50/150mA. Battery Capacity (max): 800 mAh IMG_1963



Price per Nokero Solar Light: US$15.00 (RM48.00)

Bank Name: Malayan Banking Berhad (Maybank)

Bank Address: 66;;68;;70 Jalan Maarof, Bangsar Baru, Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan 59200 Kuala Lumpur

Company/Beneficiary Name : iMKIRAN Nation

Beneficiary Address: Bangsar South 59200, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Account Number : 514123632561


Please email us the payment slip  to:admin@imkiran.com after the payment is made so we can record down your donation and send you a receipt – Project ‘GIVE THEM LIGHT’