Partners & Sponsors

Thank you to my sponsors and partners who help make a difference and supported my travels. If you are interested in collaborating, creating social awareness and being part of my journey, please contact me. Read their stories and how they helped change a few lives.

Note: Partners & Sponsors will also have access to my edited images and articles for sharing purpose only (project basis). Also shout-outs and media awareness on my blog/social channels while I travel.


Nokero“This journey would have not started if it wasn’t for Nokero US and Steve Katsaros who designed and invented this amazing solar light bulbs – the only solar light bulb in the world. During the Philippines typhoon in 2013, where I found Nokero, my first project took place, and with the trust and support I have received so far, creating awareness as the light ambassador and sending lights to the needy via my ‘Give Them Light’ project. Today this project is an international social project.” Read more here




“It came as a surprise to me when a pr agency approached me for this campaign for Digi Telecommunications Malaysia but it was easy for me to say yes when it was solely showcasing my journey as a documentary photographer, creating awareness and sponsoring the ‘Give Them Light’ project. (No commercial branding or CSR). It was a pleasure to do this short documentary/movie for 2016 Malaysia Day and sending solar lights to the tribe villages. The weekend ended with 6 different villages receiving lights for the first time after 50 years living with no electricity.”




“Becoming the face of AXN Attitude campaign was nothing that I’ve expected when I started this journey three years ago. #AXNAttitude is a short form series that celebrates those who embrace life in unexpected, extraordinary ways. I’m grateful that an Asian TV network like AXN is using it’s platform in celebrating lives of real individuals and creating positive awareness on a different way of life. So I thank you!”





“One of the first organizations in Germany who trusted and supported my ‘Give Them Light’ project in 2014/15 with fundings and publication. With the trust and support from Sabine who made this happen and a total donation that made a difference with 270 solar lights and for over 500 lives. It’s always a sense of fulfillment when an organization comes forward to help grass-root social projects with no strings attached but solely for the people in need.” Full story here.





“Friends come in all shapes and sizes, and when you are a nomad they come in the most random ways. I only knew Nine for 30 minutes in a cab and from there we were friends for life. This lead to us collaborating in many projects, and this was one of many she introduced in Holland. GET IT, become another partner during my time in Philippines which lead in helping over 400 lives with solar lights fundings via their crowdfunding campaign.” Read more here


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