What Are You Afraid Of? What Are Fears That We Grew Up With?

When I was a kid, I used to be afraid of exams and my results. My dad used to be really strict with this, mainly when it’s that time of the month to get the […]


What Is Your Job Or Career Path? How Do I Showcase Myself On Social Media?

   I do not have a job or a thought of a career path. I do not want to showcase myself on social media as a product of the society. A product to means of […]


What Is Your ‘Why’? Why Do You Do What You Do?

The big ‘Why’ is something we all need to ask. Why do you do something? Why do you believe in another? Why do you wake up each morning and head to work? Why do you […]


The Shocking Truth of Malaysian Tribes, Temiar and Jakun

A conversation that shocked my friends here in Europe. “How are the tribes in Malaysia? Can we visit them?” I said.. “No.” “What? But we did, we went to a tribe tourist village.” “Those are […]


Seeing India In Six Months, A Black & White Photo Series on a Motorcycle

Amazing images of India, a black and white photo series as I rode 10,000km across India on a motorcycle. Images taken throughout my journey riding across Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Rajasthan to Uttarakhand covering over 10,000km on my […]


Ganga Aarti Puja in Rishikesh, India

I walk down the steps, looking up at the blue skies, with the sun reaching down to the horizon. Leaving my shoes at the doorstep of the ashram build along the Ganga river. Here the […]


The Wanderer of Rishikesh, India #RideOfLights

I walked passed her everyday, noticing her sitting there on her own, with a steel cup on her side, her tiny body covered with a blanket. Hiding from the cold. Eyes looking down at all […]


My Travel Experience Vs Religion

In my years of travelling when it comes to bullshitting people based on the actual truth out there, what you can or cannot do based on one man’s ideology, what makes you a bad person […]


Paniya the ‘Slave’ Tribe of Wayanad, India

When I heard about the slave tribes in Wayanad, I started researching more about their location, heritage and history. I found that they have been around long before the locals starting living among them, mainly […]


Floating Through Life – A Letter For A Dreamer

Dear Dreamer, I know you had a dream. As children we all had dreams and wishes of what we wanted to be or do when we grew up. Somehow along the way of becoming adults, […]


Donating 480 Solar Lights to Temiar Tribes, Malaysia

This is one more of my projects here, we hope it was enough but there is still more work to be done here in Gua Musang for the Temiar Tribe who have been living with […]


No Equality and Safety For Women In Jaffna, Sri Lanka

My recent conversation with a women who lived in Jaffna her whole life, she explains to me how life has changed since the defeat of the rebels, Tamil Tigers, after the civil war in Sri […]


The Bicycle Revolution – Battle Of Jaffna, Sri Lanka (Photo Series)

The Bicycle Revolution – Battle Of Jaffna It has been part of the Tamil culture in Jaffna for over a 100 years. It was used for urban logistics, commercial transportation, daily commute and a livelihood during […]


The New Generation Of Kayts, Jaffna – Sri Lanka

A portrait of a young boy who lives in a school campus nearby, walking in the empty streets of Kayts, Jaffna. Many children in Kayts were babies when the war broke out in August 2006 […]


Ooty Ruined By Tourism and Development, India

“A few days ago I made my way up to Ooty, a city in the mountains, with hopes of seeing the beautiful nature and cultures of locals living among tea plantations, the clouds, the cold […]


Follow The Flower Trail In Bangalore, India

I took a ride to one of the oldest and largest wholesale markets in Bangalore, following the trail of flowers I found myself in the centre of the market place. My usual location to start […]


Ride Of Lights – From Chennai to Bangalore For A Start

I left Chennai yesterday heading towards Bangalore, preparing mentally for the unexpected journey ahead. Riding through the open forest and rice fields, stopping for chai (tea) in small local shops when my back and hands […]


Losing Her Voice to Trauma, Missing For 40 Days #Solidarity4Miksudiar

This was one of those conversations that made me feel that my efforts in creating awareness is never enough. The injustice that happens daily in front of our eyes is still going unnoticed. Here is […]


Who Came First? Temiars Or The Others

Temiar People of Malaysia. Their ancestors are believed to have arrived from southern Thailand about 4,500 years ago. The Temiar have asked us a question, why do Malaysians have official race titles as Malay, Chinese […]


Be Our Voice, Blockade To Fight Illegal Logging – A Plea From Temiar Tribe

In June 2016 I revisited this tribe community deep in the rainforest. After the major East Coast Floods in Kelantan, Malaysia in 2014/15. More than 200,000 people were affected, it was the worse flood ever […]


Teenage Pregnancies and Mothers Not Getting Medical Help – Temiar Tribe

Teenage pregnancies and marriages are still a common culture for tribes in Malaysia. During my visit into the Temiar tribe villages deep in the rainforest, north of Malaysia, I met with many mothers who look […]