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The Shocking Truth of Malaysian Tribes, Temiar and Jakun

A conversation that shocked my friends here in Europe. “How are the tribes in Malaysia? Can we visit them?” I said.. “No.” “What? But we did, we went to a tribe tourist village.” “Those are […]


No Equality and Safety For Women In Jaffna, Sri Lanka

My recent conversation with a women who lived in Jaffna her whole life, she explains to me how life has changed since the defeat of the rebels, Tamil Tigers, after the civil war in Sri […]


Losing Her Voice to Trauma, Missing For 40 Days #Solidarity4Miksudiar

This was one of those conversations that made me feel that my efforts in creating awareness is never enough. The injustice that happens daily in front of our eyes is still going unnoticed. Here is […]


Who Came First? Temiars Or The Others

Temiar People of Malaysia. Their ancestors are believed to have arrived from southern Thailand about 4,500 years ago. The Temiar have asked us a question, why do Malaysians have official race titles as Malay, Chinese […]


Be Our Voice, Blockade To Fight Illegal Logging – A Plea From Temiar Tribe

In June 2016 I revisited this tribe community deep in the rainforest. After the major East Coast Floods in Kelantan, Malaysia in 2014/15. More than 200,000 people were affected, it was the worse flood ever […]


Empty Promises & No Electricity For Over 50 Years – The Truth Of Temiar Tribe, Malaysia

“I have been here for many years, even before the independence day of Malaysia. I don’t even remember when my birthday is but I know I was born when the Japanese was here. When was […]


Five Died Of Starvation in Jungle – The Truth Of Temiar Tribe, Malaysia

On August 2015, seven Temiar orang asli (tribe) children went missing in the jungle after an issue in school near Pos Tohoi. The kids then ran away from getting punished by a teacher.The government had started […]


Gypsy Tales of Rajasthan

An elder gypsy telling me tales of his life and how hard it has become today to live as a camel herder. He has been traveling back here to the Pushkar camel fair for almost […]


Losing My Husband at 18, Single Mother

I met her during my trip with an NGO here working to help single mothers in the slums of Chennai. She is also a survivor of the recent major floods which destroyed her home. “When […]


A Migrant’s Life In Malaysia

“I’ve been living in Malaysia for many years now, with my wife and children.” “Are you happy living here?” “I can’t say it’s been the best times, I had to come here illegally at first, […]


Mind Your Own Business says Camel Herder Rajasthan

“I lived in Rajasthan all my life, I’ve never seen any other part of the world and I’m happy I have seen enough of India, also the mankind here. You know we are all different […]


Being Paralyzed But Doing Something That I Can First

“To me it’s okay if I lost my legs. Even if I lost the ability to walk, I’m just thankful that I’m still alive. I have my hands, I have my eyes, my mind and […]


Children Wanting Solar Lights For Reading

“We did a one day social project by walking around with bags full of solar lights and handed them out to those elderly and mother with babies. We went to an emergency camp site in […]


A Teacher Who Lost Everything But Said Something To Change Many Minds

It was a day in my life. I didn’t have any expectations on what it will be like spending 24 hours in a spinal cord injury centre, a rehabilitation centre. Staying awake for that many […]


Mother’s Cry For Help In IDP Earthquake Camp In Kathmandu

“We have no where to go. I’m trying to gather five to seven families here to rent a piece of land nearby, so we can start building our new home. It won’t be like our […]


My Name Means Light #VoicesOfNepal

I met her at a yearly festival called ‘Gai Jatra’ where they celebrate the death of a loved one. This year they paraded with pictures of more children, more parents and many of those who […]


The Wooden Doll #VoicesOfNepal

Did you live here? “Yes, this was my home. Look at it now, first the top floor collapsed and then the whole thing came down.” “Where were you when the earthquake happen?” “I was outside […]


Lucky to be alive #VoicesOfNepal

“They found him here, his body was buried under this bricks and trapped between the fence of our front gate. I think he tried to escape but didn’t make it.” “Did you live alone with […]


From a Student to a Builder #VoicesOfNepal

“I use to be a student, but today I’m a builder. I stop my education to come back and help rebuild my parents home.” ‪#‎VoicesOfNepal‬ ‪#‎NepalEarthquake‬ ——————————————————— Project: Voices Of Nepal – The Earthquake A […]


Breathless Chautara – Portrait Series

Breathless Chautara – Nepal Earthquake ‪#‎VoicesOfNepal‬ – Portrait Series ——————————————————— Project: Voices Of Nepal – The Earthquake A Social Project for a Disaster Aid Relief. Photographing the real lives of the survivors today, locating families […]


Every Little Brick Counts #VoicesOfNepal

While in Kathmandu, I met this students on a tour in Durbar Square, a historical place and they said something really beautiful to me. “These bricks are from the temples and old royal palace, they […]