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My Travel Experience Vs Religion

In my years of travelling when it comes to bullshitting people based on the actual truth out there, what you can or cannot do based on one man’s ideology, what makes you a bad person […]


No Equality and Safety For Women In Jaffna, Sri Lanka

My recent conversation with a women who lived in Jaffna her whole life, she explains to me how life has changed since the defeat of the rebels, Tamil Tigers, after the civil war in Sri […]


The Bicycle Revolution – Battle Of Jaffna, Sri Lanka (Photo Series)

The Bicycle Revolution – Battle Of Jaffna It has been part of the Tamil culture in Jaffna for over a 100 years. It was used for urban logistics, commercial transportation, daily commute and a livelihood during […]


The New Generation Of Kayts, Jaffna – Sri Lanka

A portrait of a young boy who lives in a school campus nearby, walking in the empty streets of Kayts, Jaffna. Many children in Kayts were babies when the war broke out in August 2006 […]


The Stilt Fisherman

The Stilt Fisherman.   “After weeks of waiting, looking out for the best locations to capture the real scenes of the ancient fishing culture here, I finally got my images. Being waist deep in the […]


Being Paralyzed But Doing Something That I Can First

“To me it’s okay if I lost my legs. Even if I lost the ability to walk, I’m just thankful that I’m still alive. I have my hands, I have my eyes, my mind and […]


A Day In My Life – Learning How Not To Walk (Photo Series)

A time stamp photo series of my 24 hours spent in the Spinal Injury Rehabilitation Centre, (SIRC) in Nepal. The only centre where mainly earthquake related patients would come to get treatments. Paralysed and loosing the ability to […]


Children Wanting Solar Lights For Reading

“We did a one day social project by walking around with bags full of solar lights and handed them out to those elderly and mother with babies. We went to an emergency camp site in […]


A Teacher Who Lost Everything But Said Something To Change Many Minds

It was a day in my life. I didn’t have any expectations on what it will be like spending 24 hours in a spinal cord injury centre, a rehabilitation centre. Staying awake for that many […]


Teej Festival 2015, Kathmandu

“Images from a recent festival here called Teej. Welcoming the monsoon season and is celebrated primarily by girls and women, dress in red, with songs, dancing and prayer rituals. Women pray to goddess Parvati seeking […]


Thought Of A Homeless

“Sometimes you come along and I see you just being there. Silent. Just then time stood still between us. You are there on your own now, I am here just passing through. I wish to […]


Mother’s Cry For Help In IDP Earthquake Camp In Kathmandu

“We have no where to go. I’m trying to gather five to seven families here to rent a piece of land nearby, so we can start building our new home. It won’t be like our […]


Helpless Gurung Child #VoicesOfNepal

Title: Helpless Gurung Child “At the village north of Dhading, a Gurung child looks out from her door when a relief aid team passes by, while her mother stands by her side. Gurung people also […]


Building Homes at 80, After Nepal Earthquake

“Tell me why are you always helping others to build their shelters?” “I help them build it so later they will help build mine. Because I know I’m old and I can’t do it alone. […]


Blind Tamang Harvesting

Tamang people in Jharlang. A local working on his corn harvest. He is partially blind and deaf, yet he sits here daily preparing his harvest for the week. (Jharlang – Nepal)


My Days During Aid Relief After The Nepal Earthquake

Series of some images captured during my second trip to Hokse, Palanchok. A mountain village where the earthquake had destroyed most of the houses and many lives. A grass-root volunteer society, Secret Garden Disaster Relief is […]


My Name Means Light #VoicesOfNepal

I met her at a yearly festival called ‘Gai Jatra’ where they celebrate the death of a loved one. This year they paraded with pictures of more children, more parents and many of those who […]


The Bihar, Teenage Mother #VoicesOfNepal

“I am 18 and I have 2 kids. My first child is three years old.” She is from Bihar, India. She lives in this basement home, underground, renting it of a Nepali house with 10 […]


The Hokse Student #VoicesOfNepal

  The Hokse Student. “Thousands of children in Nepal have been effected after their schools were destroyed by the earthquake. Today many of them go to make shift schools, temporary sheds or have classrooms in […]


The Hokse Farmer #VoicesOfNepal

The Hokse Farmer – Nepal. “Terraced farming on the foothills of the mountains is a common sight in many of the villages in Nepal. Many of this farmers livelihoods were devastated after the earthquake.” Image […]


Little Secret Affairs at Hokse, Palanchok after the Nepal Earthquake

Hokse in Palanchok, also nicknamed “Kidney Village’ as almost everyone in this small village has sold a kidney or knows someone who has. I’ve heard rumors of some who have sold one for US$500 to […]