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Seeing India In Six Months, A Black & White Photo Series on a Motorcycle

Amazing images of India, a black and white photo series as I rode 10,000km across India on a motorcycle. Images taken throughout my journey riding across Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Rajasthan to Uttarakhand covering over 10,000km on my […]


Ganga Aarti Puja in Rishikesh, India

I walk down the steps, looking up at the blue skies, with the sun reaching down to the horizon. Leaving my shoes at the doorstep of the ashram build along the Ganga river. Here the […]


The Wanderer of Rishikesh, India #RideOfLights

I walked passed her everyday, noticing her sitting there on her own, with a steel cup on her side, her tiny body covered with a blanket. Hiding from the cold. Eyes looking down at all […]


My Travel Experience Vs Religion

In my years of travelling when it comes to bullshitting people based on the actual truth out there, what you can or cannot do based on one man’s ideology, what makes you a bad person […]


Paniya the ‘Slave’ Tribe of Wayanad, India

When I heard about the slave tribes in Wayanad, I started researching more about their location, heritage and history. I found that they have been around long before the locals starting living among them, mainly […]


Ooty Ruined By Tourism and Development, India

“A few days ago I made my way up to Ooty, a city in the mountains, with hopes of seeing the beautiful nature and cultures of locals living among tea plantations, the clouds, the cold […]


Follow The Flower Trail In Bangalore, India

I took a ride to one of the oldest and largest wholesale markets in Bangalore, following the trail of flowers I found myself in the centre of the market place. My usual location to start […]


Ride Of Lights – From Chennai to Bangalore For A Start

I left Chennai yesterday heading towards Bangalore, preparing mentally for the unexpected journey ahead. Riding through the open forest and rice fields, stopping for chai (tea) in small local shops when my back and hands […]


Gypsy Tales of Rajasthan

An elder gypsy telling me tales of his life and how hard it has become today to live as a camel herder. He has been traveling back here to the Pushkar camel fair for almost […]


Free Life Of A Gypsy Women

“During my visit to Pushkar for the annual camel fair, I had a chance to meet the gypsies living close to the city deserts. The gypsies have been living here for almost 30 years now, […]


The Outcast Gypsy Child

“A child awaits her turn to fill in a bucket of water in a gypsy slum of Chennai. Water that comes from the ground, polluted by the scums of society and industrialization. Living around garbage […]


Losing My Husband at 18, Single Mother

I met her during my trip with an NGO here working to help single mothers in the slums of Chennai. She is also a survivor of the recent major floods which destroyed her home. “When […]


Flames of the Bay

“She stood there watching me move, to see her whisper into the shadows. She burns with fire that flames her soul, she leads a life that gives her pleasure, to be whole. I see her […]


My Truth In Chennai

“When I got to Chennai is was hard for me to see what my purpose is, meaning to say I didn’t feel like I belong. Somehow disconnected with the reality here. Maybe as I was […]


Fishing Hope #VoicesOfChennai

“A young girl spends her afternoon playing with a homemade fishing rod, in hopes to catch a fish. The reality is there are no more fish here after years of pollution and rubbish being dumped […]


Losing it all at Surya Nagar #VoicesOfChennai

“A resident of Surya Nagar slums sits by her house which was destroyed by the Chennai Floods. She is part of the survivors of the floods which displaces 1.8 million people in the South India […]


Where Children Work

“Where children work, where they find a purpose in life to earn a little for their families. Where they change themselves within cultures to be who they are today, a beggar, a dancer, a drummer, […]


Guru Tegh Bahadur Martyrdom Day, Delhi

It was Guru Tegh Bahadur’s martyrdom day here in India on 16th Dec. He was the ninth of the Ten Gurus of Sikhism. With street celebrations, musical bands, free food and a parade to celebrated […]


The Gypsy Child & You, A Short Story

“I’m just a street child. I don’t get to see the world as many do. I live in camps and I travel from one village to another. Crossing deserts, working on street, seeing other kids […]


Mind Your Own Business says Camel Herder Rajasthan

“I lived in Rajasthan all my life, I’ve never seen any other part of the world and I’m happy I have seen enough of India, also the mankind here. You know we are all different […]


The Homeless Without Celebrations

“The sound of fireworks are still exploding here in India, a sound that has been going on since Diwali festival started a week ago. For some Deepavali in the south. The festival of lights, life […]