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Seeing Kelud

22nd Feb -On my way to another home, she passed by with a look on the face, I can’t explain it but seem she had seen enough. Each time I try to capture her picture, […]


Ashes to Ashes

I met him at the Mount Kelud disaster area called Ngantang Malang, Indonesia, he was repairing his damaged roof. I walk into his home and starting talking about the volcano that erupted on 14th Feb […]


Man In Mount Kelud Cemetery

I saw him while I was walking about in the hillside streets of Pujon, Malang where the Mount Kelud rescue base is. This was after the Mount Kelud volcanic eruption. He sat by himself in […]


Homeless after Mount Kelud Volcanic Eruption, Indonesia

14th Feb 2014, Indonesia’s volcano Mount Kelud erupted, blasted debris and ash about twelve miles into the atmosphere, with over 200,000 residence misplaced. Mount Kelud’s volcanic explosion on the island of east Java, Indonesia which […]