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No Equality and Safety For Women In Jaffna, Sri Lanka

My recent conversation with a women who lived in Jaffna her whole life, she explains to me how life has changed since the defeat of the rebels, Tamil Tigers, after the civil war in Sri […]


The Bicycle Revolution – Battle Of Jaffna, Sri Lanka (Photo Series)

The Bicycle Revolution – Battle Of Jaffna It has been part of the Tamil culture in Jaffna for over a 100 years. It was used for urban logistics, commercial transportation, daily commute and a livelihood during […]


The New Generation Of Kayts, Jaffna – Sri Lanka

A portrait of a young boy who lives in a school campus nearby, walking in the empty streets of Kayts, Jaffna. Many children in Kayts were babies when the war broke out in August 2006 […]


The Stilt Fisherman

The Stilt Fisherman.   “After weeks of waiting, looking out for the best locations to capture the real scenes of the ancient fishing culture here, I finally got my images. Being waist deep in the […]