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My Travel Experience Vs Religion

In my years of travelling when it comes to bullshitting people based on the actual truth out there, what you can or cannot do based on one man’s ideology, what makes you a bad person […]


A 93 year old broom maker of Buscalan, Kalinga

“The 93 year old broom maker. A common job of some elderly local man in Buscalan, Kalinga. Spending his days making brooms to earn a leaving. A proof that the elderly in the village of […]


My day in the Shooting Gallery Slums, The Addict of Cebu City

I could just hear their thoughts.. “Is this Bombay nuts!” (bombay, a term they call the Indians here)… “What the f**k is he doing here, does he want to get himself killed!” We had to […]


On a Jeepney from Banaue to Buscalan, Kalinga

Images from my recent road trip on a jeepney from Banaue rice terraces, mountains in Sagada to meeting the oldest tattoo master of Kalinga – Philippines


Project ‘Give Them Light’ donates solar lights to Baliguian Island, Concepcion, Philippines

Giving lights can be hard work at times, from sunburns to dehydration and eating fish daily. But being a volunteer and photojournalist for the last two years has thought me how to deal with this […]


Let’s ‘Give Them Love’ – single mothers in Philippines need our help

I started this journey in Philippines as a relief aid volunteer last year and since then I have met many families that are still living in poverty with no assistance from any organization. In my […]


One Year After Typhoon Haiyan

Last year today, 8th November, after seeing the news on the super typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda) that hit the Philippines, I made plans to leave immediately and get some photographic coverage. I had just got back […]


SPA Students of Capiz High, Roxas City

I was invited to talk during the SPA Arts & Cultural event in Capiz High School in Roxas City, Panay, Philippines. It was amazing to meet and speak to this talented group of students from […]


My Dad Is My Hero

What is worse past experience that effects your life today? My dad. He was a journalist and doing a story on some people involved with drugs and money laundering. They were criminals and didn’t like […]


Feeding Mouths #iSeeNow

I met this boy in the alley ways of this squatters area, then went on walking around and was greeted by many other locals. I guess they were wondering what is this stranger doing in […]


Teenage Mothers #iSeeNow

When do you think is the right age for marriage or sex? “I think when you are 25 or 26, and I do want a husband in the future to help take care of my […]


Life as an Ati

If you were given an opportunity to live in the city, would you? “I would not choose to live in the city, we are now contended, because in the mountains, you have a good source […]


Crying Baby Of The Ati Tribe

She is not crying because she is sad, she is crying because she is scared. Afraid of something that they have never seen or experience before, like a simple camera or a handphone, or things we […]


Kalinga Fotokalender 2015 Project, Holland

Kalinga Presents… … a wonderful calendar in which the calendar pages are interspersed with beautiful photography. The calendar is designed Nine Geertman, story & images by iMKIRAN. Calendar and photography pages form an impressive document filled […]


Schmieman family volunteers in Papaya Academy

Last July 2014, I had a chance to spend my days with the Schmieman family here at Papaya Academy in Manila. Papaya Academy is a volunteer school managed by the Dutch organization called Kalinga. They […]


Ati Tribe Receive Solar Lights for the First Time, Philippines

The Ati are a Negrito ethnic group in the Visayas, the central portion of the Philippine archipelago. Their small numbers are principally concentrated in the islands of Boracay, Panay and Negros. They are genetically related […]


Kadayawan Festival of Davao Ruined by Banners and Posters

Held On August 15 to 17th, The Kadayawan Festival is among the most colourful festivals in Davao, Philippines, featuring a wide range of cultural presentations and backgrounds especially because of its ethnic origins.  So I […]


From Budapest with Love, Solar Lights for Olotayan

On 19th August 2014, My two new friends from Budapest, Hungary – Anna & Greg joined along for the 2nd batch solar lights distribution here in Panay Island. We met by chance at a hostel […]


Metro Manila Coming to Life

Some street photos from a few hours spent walking the streets in Metro Manila at a busy market place  


The ‘Ati’ Street Art Project – Tribute To The Ati Tribe, Philippines

A tribute to Typhoon Haiyan survivors. – Panay, Philippines. We put up our first street posters here in Roxas City, Philippines. The street posters are a tribute to the typhoon Haiyan survivors, Ati Tribes and […]


School Bags for Papaya Academy, Manila

On 22nd July 2014, with support and help from friends and donors we were able to donate 180 school bags and socks to the Papaya Academy students here in Manila. Students here are mostly from […]