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Be Our Voice, Blockade To Fight Illegal Logging – A Plea From Temiar Tribe

In June 2016 I revisited this tribe community deep in the rainforest. After the major East Coast Floods in Kelantan, Malaysia in 2014/15. More than 200,000 people were affected, it was the worse flood ever […]


A Day In My Life – Learning How Not To Walk (Photo Series)

A time stamp photo series of my 24 hours spent in the Spinal Injury Rehabilitation Centre, (SIRC) in Nepal. The only centre where mainly earthquake related patients would come to get treatments. Paralysed and loosing the ability to […]


Children Wanting Solar Lights For Reading

“We did a one day social project by walking around with bags full of solar lights and handed them out to those elderly and mother with babies. We went to an emergency camp site in […]


My Days During Aid Relief After The Nepal Earthquake

Series of some images captured during my second trip to Hokse, Palanchok. A mountain village where the earthquake had destroyed most of the houses and many lives. A grass-root volunteer society, Secret Garden Disaster Relief is […]


Little Secret Affairs at Hokse, Palanchok after the Nepal Earthquake

Hokse in Palanchok, also nicknamed “Kidney Village’ as almost everyone in this small village has sold a kidney or knows someone who has. I’ve heard rumors of some who have sold one for US$500 to […]


Life after the Earthquake from Kathmandu to Sindhupalchok

It was something unexpected for me even after experiencing three different disaster zones in Asia. Actually it was a harder as the Nepali are proud people and don’t easily open up to you. It took awhile […]


Food Aid for 20 families – Nepal Earthquake

Yesterday we did the first food aid for the survivors of the Nepal Earthquake at Chautara, Sindhupalchok. A location where the worse effected area is today with over 90% houses destroyed. It was something that […]


Voices of the East Coast Floods Malaysia

On 15th December 2014, Malaysians experienced the worse floods in decades that affected over 200,000 people and while 21 were killed. The heavy monsoon rains brought floods to areas of Kelantan, Terengganu, Pahang, Perak and Sabah […]


Unsung heroes of the East Coast Floods Malaysia

I met Hanifi when I joined a convoy to Kuala Krai into the flood areas there, he was one of the leaders for the group that does mission relief work in many flood zones since […]


Refugees of East Coast Floods, Pahang and Terengganu – Malaysia

A group of volunteers, consist of friends and family got together to start a relief centre and aid mission for the survivors of the East Coast floods here in Kuantan. Mainly aiding the Myanmar refugees […]


One Year After Typhoon Haiyan

Last year today, 8th November, after seeing the news on the super typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda) that hit the Philippines, I made plans to leave immediately and get some photographic coverage. I had just got back […]


Miracle Children of Baliguian Island, Philippines

Baliguian Island unofficially called “Miracle Island” by the locals, due to its experiences with Typhoon Haiyan. It is the westernmost of the Concepcion Islands, a virtually flat remote island, yes it’s flat, Baliguian features a […]


Homeless after Mount Kelud Volcanic Eruption, Indonesia

14th Feb 2014, Indonesia’s volcano Mount Kelud erupted, blasted debris and ash about twelve miles into the atmosphere, with over 200,000 residence misplaced. Mount Kelud’s volcanic explosion on the island of east Java, Indonesia which […]


A Day Out with The Disaster Assistance Response Team, Haiyan – DART Canada

  I was lucky lucky to be invited and tag along with the Canadian Forces, Disaster Assistance Response Team (DART) to DAO, Panay Island, Philippines. A location affected by the Haiyan Typhoon. They provided medic care […]


Typhoon Haiyan – Panay Island, Philippines

On the 8th November 2013, a 300kph super typhoon Haiyan destroyed most of Panay Island, Philippines and left thousands homeless. As a result of the catastrophe, thousands are living without homes, food, clean water and […]