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Seeing India In Six Months, A Black & White Photo Series on a Motorcycle

Amazing images of India, a black and white photo series as I rode 10,000km across India on a motorcycle. Images taken throughout my journey riding across Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Rajasthan to Uttarakhand covering over 10,000km on my […]


Donating 480 Solar Lights to Temiar Tribes, Malaysia

This is one more of my projects here, we hope it was enough but there is still more work to be done here in Gua Musang for the Temiar Tribe who have been living with […]


The Bicycle Revolution – Battle Of Jaffna, Sri Lanka (Photo Series)

The Bicycle Revolution – Battle Of Jaffna It has been part of the Tamil culture in Jaffna for over a 100 years. It was used for urban logistics, commercial transportation, daily commute and a livelihood during […]


A Day In My Life – Learning How Not To Walk (Photo Series)

A time stamp photo series of my 24 hours spent in the Spinal Injury Rehabilitation Centre, (SIRC) in Nepal. The only centre where mainly earthquake related patients would come to get treatments. Paralysed and loosing the ability to […]


Children Wanting Solar Lights For Reading

“We did a one day social project by walking around with bags full of solar lights and handed them out to those elderly and mother with babies. We went to an emergency camp site in […]


Project ‘Give Them Light’ donates solar lights to Baliguian Island, Concepcion, Philippines

Giving lights can be hard work at times, from sunburns to dehydration and eating fish daily. But being a volunteer and photojournalist for the last two years has thought me how to deal with this […]


Let’s ‘Give Them Love’ – single mothers in Philippines need our help

I started this journey in Philippines as a relief aid volunteer last year and since then I have met many families that are still living in poverty with no assistance from any organization. In my […]


Lighting Up Lives in Muadzam Shah, Solar Lights for Jakun Tribes – Malaysia

The 11th and 12th February 2015 was a memorable day for us, as it was the first ever batch of Nokero Solar Lights donated to the Jakun tribes in Muadzam Shah, Pahang in Malaysia. We […]


HelpAlliance to support ‘Give Them Light’ project in Asia

– Announcement!! My first ever official announcement for 2015, so proud and happy today as the ‘Give Them Light-Asia’ project has been approved and sponsored by a non-profit organization from Germany, HelpAlliance. It’s been 2 […]


Kalinga Fotokalender 2015 Project, Holland

Kalinga Presents… … a wonderful calendar in which the calendar pages are interspersed with beautiful photography. The calendar is designed Nine Geertman, story & images by iMKIRAN. Calendar and photography pages form an impressive document filled […]


Schmieman family volunteers in Papaya Academy

Last July 2014, I had a chance to spend my days with the Schmieman family here at Papaya Academy in Manila. Papaya Academy is a volunteer school managed by the Dutch organization called Kalinga. They […]


Ati Tribe Receive Solar Lights for the First Time, Philippines

The Ati are a Negrito ethnic group in the Visayas, the central portion of the Philippine archipelago. Their small numbers are principally concentrated in the islands of Boracay, Panay and Negros. They are genetically related […]


From Budapest with Love, Solar Lights for Olotayan

On 19th August 2014, My two new friends from Budapest, Hungary – Anna & Greg joined along for the 2nd batch solar lights distribution here in Panay Island. We met by chance at a hostel […]


The ‘Ati’ Street Art Project – Tribute To The Ati Tribe, Philippines

A tribute to Typhoon Haiyan survivors. – Panay, Philippines. We put up our first street posters here in Roxas City, Philippines. The street posters are a tribute to the typhoon Haiyan survivors, Ati Tribes and […]


School Bags for Papaya Academy, Manila

On 22nd July 2014, with support and help from friends and donors we were able to donate 180 school bags and socks to the Papaya Academy students here in Manila. Students here are mostly from […]


Life in the Payatas Dumpsite of Manila, Philippines

On 21st Jun  2014, I visited the Payatas dumpsite with the help of friends from Kalinga Holland, a non-profit org via volunteering programs that helps children living in poverty in this barangay (small town/village). From Manila I travelled to […]


The Children of Vinh Son 4 Orphanage, Vietnam

Vinh Son Orphanage, established in 2001, then received their non-profit status July 26, 2005. Currently housing about 175 children from the Central Highland poor villages. During my recent motorbike trip to the Central Highlands, I […]


Nokero Solar Lights Donated to Haiyan survivors, Philippines

After over one month of promoting the project ‘Give Them Light’, with the Nokero solar lights for the Haiyan victims who are living in the dark, we were able to get 190 lights donated via friends and […]


Lighting up a village – This Is How We Did It

After over one month of promoting the project ‘Give Them Light’, with the Nokero solar lights for the Haiyan victims who are living in the dark, we were able to get 190 lights donated via […]


Hard Workers of The Mountains – Ati Tribe

The Ati are a Negrito ethnic group in Panay, which is located in the Visayas. In the Philippines the Aetas or Aeta ancestors were the ‘aboriginals’ or the ‘first’ inhabitants of this Archipelago. They most […]


Faces of Panay Island

8th November 2013, super typhoon Haiyan destroyed 80% of an island called Panay Island. Here are some compilation and stories of the few people of Panay Island that I had spent time with. Giving us […]