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The Shocking Truth of Malaysian Tribes, Temiar and Jakun

A conversation that shocked my friends here in Europe. “How are the tribes in Malaysia? Can we visit them?” I said.. “No.” “What? But we did, we went to a tribe tourist village.” “Those are […]


Paniya the ‘Slave’ Tribe of Wayanad, India

When I heard about the slave tribes in Wayanad, I started researching more about their location, heritage and history. I found that they have been around long before the locals starting living among them, mainly […]


Donating 480 Solar Lights to Temiar Tribes, Malaysia

This is one more of my projects here, we hope it was enough but there is still more work to be done here in Gua Musang for the Temiar Tribe who have been living with […]


No Equality and Safety For Women In Jaffna, Sri Lanka

My recent conversation with a women who lived in Jaffna her whole life, she explains to me how life has changed since the defeat of the rebels, Tamil Tigers, after the civil war in Sri […]


Losing Her Voice to Trauma, Missing For 40 Days #Solidarity4Miksudiar

This was one of those conversations that made me feel that my efforts in creating awareness is never enough. The injustice that happens daily in front of our eyes is still going unnoticed. Here is […]


Be Our Voice, Blockade To Fight Illegal Logging – A Plea From Temiar Tribe

In June 2016 I revisited this tribe community deep in the rainforest. After the major East Coast Floods in Kelantan, Malaysia in 2014/15. More than 200,000 people were affected, it was the worse flood ever […]


Teenage Pregnancies and Mothers Not Getting Medical Help – Temiar Tribe

Teenage pregnancies and marriages are still a common culture for tribes in Malaysia. During my visit into the Temiar tribe villages deep in the rainforest, north of Malaysia, I met with many mothers who look […]


Empty Promises & No Electricity For Over 50 Years – The Truth Of Temiar Tribe, Malaysia

“I have been here for many years, even before the independence day of Malaysia. I don’t even remember when my birthday is but I know I was born when the Japanese was here. When was […]


Five Died Of Starvation in Jungle – The Truth Of Temiar Tribe, Malaysia

On August 2015, seven Temiar orang asli (tribe) children went missing in the jungle after an issue in school near Pos Tohoi. The kids then ran away from getting punished by a teacher.The government had started […]


Fishing Hope #VoicesOfChennai

“A young girl spends her afternoon playing with a homemade fishing rod, in hopes to catch a fish. The reality is there are no more fish here after years of pollution and rubbish being dumped […]


Losing it all at Surya Nagar #VoicesOfChennai

“A resident of Surya Nagar slums sits by her house which was destroyed by the Chennai Floods. She is part of the survivors of the floods which displaces 1.8 million people in the South India […]


Helpless Gurung Child #VoicesOfNepal

Title: Helpless Gurung Child “At the village north of Dhading, a Gurung child looks out from her door when a relief aid team passes by, while her mother stands by her side. Gurung people also […]


Building Homes at 80, After Nepal Earthquake

“Tell me why are you always helping others to build their shelters?” “I help them build it so later they will help build mine. Because I know I’m old and I can’t do it alone. […]


Blind Tamang Harvesting

Tamang people in Jharlang. A local working on his corn harvest. He is partially blind and deaf, yet he sits here daily preparing his harvest for the week. (Jharlang – Nepal)


The Bihar, Teenage Mother #VoicesOfNepal

“I am 18 and I have 2 kids. My first child is three years old.” She is from Bihar, India. She lives in this basement home, underground, renting it of a Nepali house with 10 […]


The Hokse Student #VoicesOfNepal

  The Hokse Student. “Thousands of children in Nepal have been effected after their schools were destroyed by the earthquake. Today many of them go to make shift schools, temporary sheds or have classrooms in […]


The Hokse Farmer #VoicesOfNepal

The Hokse Farmer – Nepal. “Terraced farming on the foothills of the mountains is a common sight in many of the villages in Nepal. Many of this farmers livelihoods were devastated after the earthquake.” Image […]


Left out to be Homeless #VoicesOfNepal

“I’ve been staying here all my life. My children use to live with me in this house. But now they moved out and live by themselves in a shelter. My son is married and lives […]


Food Aid for 20 families – Nepal Earthquake

Yesterday we did the first food aid for the survivors of the Nepal Earthquake at Chautara, Sindhupalchok. A location where the worse effected area is today with over 90% houses destroyed. It was something that […]


My day in the Shooting Gallery Slums, The Addict of Cebu City

I could just hear their thoughts.. “Is this Bombay nuts!” (bombay, a term they call the Indians here)… “What the f**k is he doing here, does he want to get himself killed!” We had to […]


Let’s ‘Give Them Love’ – single mothers in Philippines need our help

I started this journey in Philippines as a relief aid volunteer last year and since then I have met many families that are still living in poverty with no assistance from any organization. In my […]