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What Is Your Job Or Career Path? How Do I Showcase Myself On Social Media?

   I do not have a job or a thought of a career path. I do not want to showcase myself on social media as a product of the society. A product to means of […]


What Is Your ‘Why’? Why Do You Do What You Do?

The big ‘Why’ is something we all need to ask. Why do you do something? Why do you believe in another? Why do you wake up each morning and head to work? Why do you […]


Ganga Aarti Puja in Rishikesh, India

I walk down the steps, looking up at the blue skies, with the sun reaching down to the horizon. Leaving my shoes at the doorstep of the ashram build along the Ganga river. Here the […]


The New Generation Of Kayts, Jaffna – Sri Lanka

A portrait of a young boy who lives in a school campus nearby, walking in the empty streets of Kayts, Jaffna. Many children in Kayts were babies when the war broke out in August 2006 […]


Ooty Ruined By Tourism and Development, India

“A few days ago I made my way up to Ooty, a city in the mountains, with hopes of seeing the beautiful nature and cultures of locals living among tea plantations, the clouds, the cold […]


Follow The Flower Trail In Bangalore, India

I took a ride to one of the oldest and largest wholesale markets in Bangalore, following the trail of flowers I found myself in the centre of the market place. My usual location to start […]


Ride Of Lights – From Chennai to Bangalore For A Start

I left Chennai yesterday heading towards Bangalore, preparing mentally for the unexpected journey ahead. Riding through the open forest and rice fields, stopping for chai (tea) in small local shops when my back and hands […]


The Man Behind The Camera, Kiran Kreer – Options, The Edge (Cover Story)

Armed with little more than a camera, a mobile phone and minimal change of clothes, Kiran Kreer travels to disaster areas and places of abject poverty. There, he spends weeks getting to know the locals, capturing their […]


The Stilt Fisherman

The Stilt Fisherman.   “After weeks of waiting, looking out for the best locations to capture the real scenes of the ancient fishing culture here, I finally got my images. Being waist deep in the […]


Guru Tegh Bahadur Martyrdom Day, Delhi

It was Guru Tegh Bahadur’s martyrdom day here in India on 16th Dec. He was the ninth of the Ten Gurus of Sikhism. With street celebrations, musical bands, free food and a parade to celebrated […]


Culture of Rajasthan, a folk dance called Kalbeliya

Culture of Rajasthan, a folk dance called Kalbeliya. The sensuous folk dance of the snake charmers’ community of Rajasthan. (Jodhpur, India)


Teej Festival 2015, Kathmandu

“Images from a recent festival here called Teej. Welcoming the monsoon season and is celebrated primarily by girls and women, dress in red, with songs, dancing and prayer rituals. Women pray to goddess Parvati seeking […]


My Days During Aid Relief After The Nepal Earthquake

Series of some images captured during my second trip to Hokse, Palanchok. A mountain village where the earthquake had destroyed most of the houses and many lives. A grass-root volunteer society, Secret Garden Disaster Relief is […]


Little Secret Affairs at Hokse, Palanchok after the Nepal Earthquake

Hokse in Palanchok, also nicknamed “Kidney Village’ as almost everyone in this small village has sold a kidney or knows someone who has. I’ve heard rumors of some who have sold one for US$500 to […]


On a Jeepney from Banaue to Buscalan, Kalinga

Images from my recent road trip on a jeepney from Banaue rice terraces, mountains in Sagada to meeting the oldest tattoo master of Kalinga – Philippines


Cover story at Option, The Edge magazine

Thank you Option Magazine, The Egde Publishing Pte Ltd for this article, hope this will inspire more to join along the journey. Special thanks to Chan Chao Peh for your amazing write up and Audrey […]


Kadayawan Festival of Davao Ruined by Banners and Posters

Held On August 15 to 17th, The Kadayawan Festival is among the most colourful festivals in Davao, Philippines, featuring a wide range of cultural presentations and backgrounds especially because of its ethnic origins.  So I […]


Metro Manila Coming to Life

Some street photos from a few hours spent walking the streets in Metro Manila at a busy market place  


Journey through Central Highlands, Vietnam

An album long due… My 10 day journey started in mid May 2014 with renting a motorbike in Hoi An, getting a map and contacting local NGOs and friends. With a trip of over 1500km […]


Living with the Red Dao Tribe, Ta Phin Mountain Vietnam (Photo Story)

On 4th May 2014, I finally met a local Red Dao who took me in to live with her family for 2 days. With the help of locals,Sapa O’Chau (Shu Tan) who guided me and led […]


Photography Capturing the Real Streets of Hanoi, Vietnam

I stayed in Hanoi for about 3 days before heading up to the Bac Ha mountains. I was here to meet some local contacts and friends that could help me with leads to the tribal […]